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Kidney One
Improving the well being of Renal Patients both pre and post transplant through funding of medical research, equipment and employment opportunities.




ADAM JONES:  - Chief Executive Officer


 I decided to set up KidneyOne Foundation, as I wanted to set up a charity that is run by patients with kidney disease, for patients with kidney disease. I aim to raise money for dialysis treatments, as well as kidney transplant research, and to raise the importance of organ donation.  Australia has the second lowest donation rate in the OECD, this is not good enough. 


Particularly when you take into account that diseases such as diabetes are skyrocketing due to poor diets.  As a consequence of this, the number of patients with kidney failure is growing exponentially every year, and as a consequence of that, the number of renal dialysis patients waiting for a transplant is growing exponentially every year. This has to change.


I want to lobby government for a change in the organ donation system, whereby we have an opt-out system.  My ultimate goal in this organisation is to raise enough money for kidney transplant research so that your own kidney can be grown in a Lab, and transplanted.  This would avoid all those toxic, cancer causing immunosuppressant medications after transplantation.

Together we can make a difference.



CRAIG KOPACZ:  -  Vice President


Having been on Dialysis for almost a decade, I want to achive a new kidney and new life as soon as possible. 

I belive that this organization can, with your help change not only the way kidney transplants are researched but all organs.


I too am a strong advocate for making it 100% compolsury for ever one over the age of 21 to be automatic donors. Unless of course on the basis of religious grounds or the organs for donating are not able to be used. The Goverment would save a lot of money each year with transplant patients returning to full time work.  Thereby contributing to the economy.


One of my other wishes is, with the advance in Technology and Medicine, to have possibly a 3D Printer to turn a replica kidney grown or made with my blood cells and DNA transplanted into my body - meaning no anti rejection drugs, or mountains of other pills, and the kidney will work first time. meaning no more dialysis ever, for anyone.


One Kidney is all we need to start the biggest chain reaction for all mankind.